Combat Deployments: Unbalanced Burden

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Here’s an interesting chart from a 2010 Defense Business Board study that looked at how evenly U.S. troops were sharing the burdens of war. It’s relevant given the fact that the alleged Afghan shooter was on his fourth combat deployment.

Bottom line: only 11% of U.S. troops had deployed three or more times. Forty percent had never been deployed and 30% had been deployed only once.

While the data may be a little dated (and broader than just the Army), it’s relevant because the constant flow of new personnel into the military means that the imbalance detailed here probably hasn’t changed much.


40% NEVER ENTERDED A COMPAT ZONE,! What about the CG who put their lives on the line every day, for over 20 years.  USA its a disgrace that you represent those who served with honor while we were ready and willing to go the distance, where were you in College, working for politicians getting your pay raises while we  get only basic pay at 50%.  Tell me have you looked at what Senators/ Congressmen or women get when they leave, after 6 years. Give me a break How ludicrous.  USA use to be a proud paper now its like the rest, put out your opinions instead of just the facts.


The coast guard isn't military shut up.


Mr. Thompson> Did you know when you did this graphic that it would be used to justify cutting benefits for military retirees? I urge you to check  USA Today and see how they've used it. They're making a very different point.


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