Death By a Thousand Threats

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It’s like snowballs and snowflakes: if you take enough flakes and press them together, you might end up with a snowball. At least that’s what Battleland thought as it checked out the opening statement of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee Tuesday:

It is virtually impossible to rank – in terms of long-term importance – the numerous, potential threats to US national security.

What an amazing statement. If embraced, it is a license to bleed this nation dry. You’d hardly know the world is a more peaceful place today than it has been in the past century. Yes, there are vile terrorists who want to kill us, and a couple of rogue states that need to be neutered. But they are losing the fight. Let’s keep the world in perspective. Let’s be vigilant, but not vigilantes, looking for – and finding — enemies everywhere. It soils the American character.