Enhancing Life for the “General Soldier Population”

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Most Department of Defense inspector general’s reports are pretty dry reading, full of green-eyeshade mumbo-jumbo that – while undoubtedly important and vital (remember: the Pentagon’s books remain officially unauditable) — tend to make one’s eyes glaze over. Then you come across a gem like this, mentioned in passing, buried deep inside a report on the Pentagon’s use of credit cards:

A cardholder at the Georgia ARNG purchased executive winged chairs for an adjutant general’s conference room with funds intended to support the soldier. The funds used were designated for use by the Army Communities of Excellence Program. Defense Finance and Accounting Service – Indianapolis Manual 37-100-09, “The Army Management Structure,” states that Army Communities of Excellence funds are intended to “improve the Quality of Life throughout the Army” and to enhance the quality of life for the general soldier population or improve/enhance civilian community image/importance. Purchasing executive furniture for the adjutant general’s conference room did not enhance the quality of life for the soldier population or enhanced “civilian community importance.”

You know the author was smiling a tight smile as that was written.