Friendly Fire: Aim (Pin) High

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The Air Force has the most golf courses among the military services

The Air Force has a reputation as being the best service for military golfers. According to this accounting, the flyboys have 65 courses, more than the Army (45), Navy (31) or Marines (11). That’s one Air Force course for every 5,071 airmen; compared to the Army’s one course per 12,488 soldiers, the Navy’s one for every 10,424 sailors, and the Marines one for every 18,419 jarheads. (There’s one course in the U.S. for every 13,581 Americans over the age of 18.)

Got to keep them in shape. That’s why the Air Force is planning to pay about $25,000 to repair the fence along the Aviano, Italy, driving range to keep “golf balls from going through the openings, along hole #3,” according to the contract specs. The work “must be done primarily during the week so as not to interrupt regular play on Saturdays and Sundays.”