Pentagon Considering Improved “Groin Armor”

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We’ve reported on the nasty wounds that improvised explosive devices are inflicting on our troops. Not only do they lead to amputations, but they can damage the genitals, especially when troops are dismounted — out of their vehicles — and on foot when IEDs detonate, often beneath them. So it’s good news that the Pentagon on Wednesday began investigating the possibility of “future production of a light weight Groin Protection Plate that fits into the Groin Protector Carrier for the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV).”

If you think this is anything like buying an athletic cup, better think again. Preliminary details into the possible procurement – and how it might be tested – run to 33 pages. “This purchase description provides for a multiple threat body armor system, Groin Armor Protective Inserts (GAPI) worn by ground troops,” it notes. “The system will provide ballistic protection from fragmentation and specific 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm rifle rounds.” It will come in two sizes: one, XS-MED, weighing no more than 1.7 pounds, and the LG-4XL at 2.55 pounds.