So this Camel Walks into a Minefield…

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There is one less camel in Africa.

Rebels in Libya have discovered a massive minefield laid by Qaddafi’s forces to protect their now-abandoned positions near the city of Misurata.

Al Jazeera is reporting that rebels have already found 550 anti-personnel mines in a suburb of the city.

What’s really sad is how the rebels found it. The minefield was discovered recently “when an unlucky farmer’s camel wandered into a field and was blown up.”

Wait. The farmer is unlucky? I’d say he’s pretty lucky he wasn’t riding his camel.

As if that is not disturbing enough, the article goes on to report that the rebels are low on mine-detection equipment, so the rebels are “using billiard cues to gently probe the ground where (the mines) were buried.”

You think you have a bad job?