Libya: McCain Swoops Into Benghazi

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Over on Global Spin, Time colleague Bruce Crumley notes Sen. John McCain’s visit to Benghazi on Friday. Talk about sending in the drones:

As an ardent and vocal backer the anti-Gaddafi rebels, it’s hardly surprising McCain made the journey to Benghazi to demonstrate his support of the opposition. Nor is it illogical he used that walk-about to renew his opposition to President Barack Obama’s decision to scale back U.S. military involvement in the air campaign against Gaddafi assets, and allow France and the UK to assume heaviest in that under NATO’s direction. But McCain’s calls for the U.S. and its partners to increase their support of and assistance to the Libyan opposition comes in the wake of earlier announcements committing new assistance to Libyan rebels—and which could turn out to be the first step in wider escalation.