Don't Tase Me, Air Force!

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The Air Force used to be all Stratofortresses and nuclear bombs. But just as it warplanes have become more precise at delivering ever-smaller weapons, its guards have become kinder and gentler at handling troublemakers. For several years, Air Force security personnel have been carrying Taser stun guns, as well as those that fire bullets. Now the Air Force Reserve is being outfitted with Tasers. “It’s like nothing you have ever felt before,” Lt. Juan Lemus, (pictured) an Air Force Reserve officer at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida, said after he was tased as his unit got the gear. “They call it riding the lightning, and it is well named. One minute you’re fine, and then they said ‘Taser, Taser, Taser,’ and then it hits you and your muscles lock up…and you don’t see anything else, your mind is totally on the pain going through your entire body.” And he volunteered.